how to get ed tech certification in maine

How To Get Ed Tech Certification In Maine :- Maine’s student population with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) stands at 15.6%, surpassing the national average of 13%, as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. Despite this higher percentage, Maine faces challenges in meeting academic targets for students receiving special education services, resulting in a “Needs Intervention” rating from the U.S. Department of Education.

The state operates 662 public schools across 246 school districts, with nearly 2,000 special educators employed. Additionally, Maine is home to 145 private schools. Oversight of programs catering to students with disabilities falls under the purview of the Maine Department of Education (DOE), specifically managed by its Office of Special Services.

How to Earn a Teaching License in Maine

If your aspiration is to become a teacher in Maine, the initial step is to obtain certification. The process varies depending on your current educational level and experience. Our guide is designed to assist you in identifying the pathway that aligns with your career stage and objectives.

how to get ed tech certification in maine

Whether you’re embarking on your teaching journey and require insight into Maine’s certification process or seeking to advance to higher certification levels or specialized teaching endorsements, our comprehensive resource has you covered. We provide guidance for individuals looking to transition from out of state, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

How To Get Ed Tech Certification In Maine Levels of Authorization

Educational Technicians play a crucial role in supporting special education classrooms under the guidance of special education teachers. Their responsibilities encompass providing individualized or small group instruction, assisting in both special education and regular education settings, and assisting with behavior management.

For many, working as an Educational Technician serves as a stepping stone to a career in teaching. It offers valuable opportunities to enhance teaching skills, develop behavior management techniques, and learn instructional strategies tailored to diverse learners.

To become a certified Educational Technician in Maine, candidates must apply for certification through the Maine Department of Education. There are three levels of certification:

  • Educational Technician I: Requires a high school diploma or GED.
  • Educational Technician II: Requires 60 semester hours of approved study or vocational experience.
  • Educational Technician III: Requires 90 semester hours of approved study or vocational experience.

Each level comes with specific responsibilities and educational requirements. Educational Technicians must also undergo orientation and ongoing in-service training to stay updated with best practices.

Advancing from one level to another requires completing additional approved study credits through college courses, workshops, institutes, or local in-service activities. Proof of professional development is necessary to move up a level.

The progression from Educational Technician I to III offers individuals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills, ultimately contributing to the improvement of educational outcomes for students with diverse needs.

how to get ed tech certification in maine

Maine Department of Education Teaching Requirements

The Maine Department of Education (MDOE) provides two primary levels of licensure for teachers:

  1. Provisional: The provisional license serves as the initial certification for Maine educators. To obtain this certification, applicants must undergo fingerprint clearance and fulfill a set of educational and testing prerequisites. This license is valid for two years and can be extended for an additional year if necessary. During this period, individuals are expected to progress towards earning a professional certification.
  2. Professional: Advancement from a provisional license to a professional license requires a minimum of two years of teaching experience. The professional license is valid for five years and is eligible for renewal.

How To Get Ed Tech Certification In Maine Special Education Teaching Programs in Maine

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) has endorsed teacher preparation programs at a select number of institutions in the state. The University of Maine at Farmington leads the way with its comprehensive offerings in special education. Their bachelor’s degree program in special education provides options for endorsements in grades K-8 or grades 7-12. Additionally, students can opt for a degree in early childhood special education, with certifications available for birth to age 5. This program also offers non-certification pathways.

Meanwhile, the coastal campus of the University of Maine at Machias focuses on environmental education. Within its Teacher Education department, there’s a specialized program for special education teacher endorsements. This program caters to students seeking full certification, current certificate holders aiming for special education endorsements, as well as undergraduates pursuing a special education minor or concentration.

Working in Special Education in Maine

For those seeking teaching or educational positions in Maine, various resources are available:


ServingSchools website: This platform hosts listings for teaching and educational jobs across Maine.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges: Their website offers alphabetized lists of accredited elementary, middle, and secondary schools in Maine.

how to get ed tech certification in maine


Maine DOE website: The Maine Department of Education provides a directory of approved private schools.


Maine Education Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: This center, along with the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf, offers services for students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, including residential programs, public school support services, and outreach programs.

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