Is Discovery Education Free

Is Discovery Education Free :- Discovery Education, leading the charge in digital curriculum resources, captivating content, and top-tier professional development for K-12 classrooms worldwide. With a treasure trove of award-winning digital textbooks, dynamic multimedia, and an unparalleled professional network, we’re reshaping education. Our focus on STEM immersion fosters transformative learning experiences and drives academic excellence globally. Serving a staggering 4.5 million educators and 45 million students across 140+ countries, our impact is undeniable. Inspired by the powerhouse Discovery, Inc., we collaborate with districts, states, and allies to equip teachers with tailor-made solutions, ensuring every learner’s success.

Is Discovery Education Free Security

HECVAT status: Not yet pursued

Data encryption: All data is securely encrypted both at rest and in transit, ensuring utmost protection.

Countries of data storage: Data is stored in the country of origin if required, otherwise in the United States.

Data storage method: Utilizing cloud technology for efficient and secure storage.

Data retention policy: Data is deleted upon owner request, otherwise retained for 60 days after contract termination.

Incident management program, policy, and testing: Fully implemented and rigorously tested incident management program and policies.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing: Robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place, regularly tested for effectiveness.

Security Standard Certificates: While no specific certificates are held, our security program aligns with the rigorous standards of NIST 800-53 at a FISMA Moderate level.

Third-party testing and security controls practices: Third-party testing of controls occurs at least annually to ensure the highest level of security.

Is Discovery Education Free

Is Discovery Education Free Privacy

COPPA policy link: Student Data Protection Addendum – Discovery Education

Privacy department/officer contact: Reach out to Matt Schabes for any privacy-related inquiries.

Types of data collected: Personal data for requested customer contact/registration and Application performance for product improvements.

Personally identifiable or personal data collected: Name and email are collected for necessary purposes.

Data Deletion Request Process: Users can request data deletion as per our straightforward process.

Third-Party Data Sharing & Opt-out: No third-party data sharing, ensuring user privacy is upheld.

Cookies or Tracking Technologies used: Limited use for the delivery of services, respecting user privacy.

Analytics performed on Customer Data: Anonymized analytics are conducted solely for service improvement purposes.

Data correlation practices: We do not engage in data correlation practices, prioritizing user privacy.

Privacy Certifications or Seals: While no specific certifications are held, our compliance with privacy laws is assured.

Targeted Advertising using user data: We do not employ targeted advertising utilizing user data, respecting user privacy.

Privacy or data protection impact assessments: No specific assessments are conducted, though our practices align with stringent privacy laws.

Privacy Law Compliance: We adhere to the Student Data Protection Addendum, ensuring compliance with relevant privacy laws.

Teachers With Free Content

In the dynamic world of education, where every resource counts, discovering exceptional blogs that offer free content for teachers can be a game-changer. Here are five standout blogs tailored to educators’ needs:

Is Discovery Education Free
  1. Free Technology For Teachers

Founded by a former social studies teacher, this blog boasts an impressive 11-year track record and has garnered numerous accolades. With over 60,000 subscribers, it’s a treasure trove of classroom ideas, spanning from innovative virtual reality projects to practical tips on incorporating multimedia into lessons. Richard Byrne, the brain behind the blog, continuously churns out insightful content, ensuring educators always have something fresh to explore.

  1. Discovery Education

Taking a global perspective on education, the Discovery Education blog offers a wealth of resources across major subjects. From classroom-ready materials to articles on pedagogical strategies, interactive textbooks, and virtual field trips, this blog is a one-stop shop for comprehensive educational support. With lesson plans, clip art, and professional development opportunities, it stands out as one of the most comprehensive resources for teachers.

  1. National Geographic Education Blog

Encouraging students to embrace curiosity and explore the wonders of the world, this blog features “Educator Spotlights” highlighting innovative teaching approaches. It also provides science and nature news with classroom resources, enriching educators’ toolkits with engaging materials.

  1. Busy Teacher

Specializing in English language teaching, Busy Teacher offers an extensive array of worksheets and lesson plans tailored to various proficiency levels. From intricate grammar exercises to catchy songs for young learners, the blog covers every aspect of ESL teaching. Additionally, it provides valuable insights on pronunciation, integrating TV shows into lessons, and effective teaching strategies for different age groups.

  1. We Are Teachers

Beyond educational resources, We Are Teachers delves into career development and lifestyle topics relevant to educators. From wellness advice to practical tips on classroom plants and healthcare plans, the blog offers a holistic approach to supporting teachers. It also features weekly roundups of education news and teacher-related stories, keeping educators informed and inspired.

Is Discovery Education Free

Whether you’re a tech-savvy educator or prefer traditional teaching methods, these blogs cater to diverse teaching styles and subject areas. With a plethora of multimedia resources, printable materials, and insightful articles, they empower teachers to engage students and enhance their learning experiences.

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